6 Social media strategies to connect with your customers in 2020

July 14, 2020

July 14, 2020 Kavish Shah

6 Social media strategies to connect with your customers in 2020

Being a part of a new-age strategic marketing company, I come across a lot of companies asking us why is it crucial to use social media as a platform to connect with customers, and most importantly, how to make it count. I usually tell them that using social media helps to validate their brands. It tells consumers that the brand is active and focused on thriving communication with them. Most consumers who have experienced prompt interaction with a brand on social media would recommend it to others.

So, how to use the interaction with your consumers on social media to your advantage?

  1. Be Authentic

  • Information about your business shouldn’t be the only thing you share online.
  • In addition to business-related topics, get in the habit of sharing content that your target audience would enjoy reading or watching.
  • This could include a funny meme or heart-warming video. It can be an inspirational article or informative blog post.
  • Oreo is constantly churning out fresh, relevant content on its social sites. One of the brand’s best campaigns played out during Halloween of 2013 when Oreo created a Vine video series spoofing classic horror films featuring cookies which were loved by the audience every bit.
  1. Give an Outlet for people to Open Up

  • Simply put, people love to talk about themselves.
  • When businesses are able to find a way to play a part in that positive lift, they win. When your customers are happy, your business will be too.
  • Starbucks’ most recent campaign on Instagram, “Who makes your world a little brighter?” asked customers to submit pictures of their coffee glasses with the name of the person that made their world brighter on the glass and in the comment stating why. All these personal mementos and life moments are added to the company’s own Instagram Hashtag #GiveGood as milestones for the community to read and share more stories. 

  1. Show Your Team

  • Showing your audience who they are interacting with will give a personal touch to your brand.
  • This will make your audience feel more comfortable sharing their experiences or concerns once they connect to your team and feel that they actually care.
  • Bangalore based online counseling website, YourDost, has provided in detail descriptions of their counselors and therapists on board, where they’ve shared their personal thoughts, fears, and opinions. This has helped greatly in making people open up about their own thoughts and fears without judgement. 
  1. Talk About Your Philosophy

  • Utilize video content to capture details about your business and your products and services.
  • Social media users are far more engaged when they are watching video content rather than reading something.
  • Peak their interest and keep it by producing high quality, entertaining, and informative videos that will help them remember you and what you have to offer.
  • Dove’s social media campaign, #SpeakBeautiful, encouraged women to realize the role their online words play in impacting their confidence and self-esteem, in turn highlighting their brand message that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that beauty stereotypes are to be broken. 
  1. Free Goodies and Useful Tips

  • After all, who doesn’t love getting free stuff?
  • Make sure the things you give out are interesting and of actual use to them
  • In exchange for just a witty answer to their question “What’s keeping you cool this summer?”, RawPressery hosted a giveaway of their cold-pressed juices and invites to their exclusive summer party. 

  1. Build Credibility and Trust through Transparency

  • Giving your customers a behind-the-scenes look at the action within your company is a great way to build trust and a strong connection.
  • People love feeling included and this is easily done when you share videos of your team creating your latest project or photos of something no one else in the public can see.
  • This gives your company a face behind the brand and a way for your customers to learn even more about you and your team.
  • Andrea Bemins, a food blogger on Instagram, gives her followers insight into the whole farm-to-fork process and everything it takes from step 1 to get the dish right. 

On that note, let us say that engaging in conversation shows that you’re not just a cold organization disconnected from your buyers; it shows you are listening, understanding, and caring about their concerns on a human level.

Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of engaging your customers on social media. Let’s discuss. 

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