Storytellers of Ahmedabad City.

#Amdavadism is a city-based community for people to discover
Ahmedabad’s heritage, culture, places and much more.

We are creating a community of people of Ahmedabad. We are telling the
story of this more than 600 years old walled city by exploring the places and its
unique people, culture, celebrations, and traditions.

Our work.

  • We have been developing this community since last 4 months and managed to get a really amazing number of people aboard.
  • We involved the youth of the city in communicating what this city stands for.
  • We engaged and motivated people to contribute their artwork, photography, poems and sketches.
  • We tell interesting facts about the history of the city., that makes people connect with #Amdavadism.
  • We are sharing great pictures and sketches which have been contributed by the people of the city.
  • By doing so, we are developing a creative community of the youth of the city.
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