Built The Tribe of Women Who Live Their True Colours.

Arcoiris.co.in is an online lifestyle portal Inspired by a riot of colors that make up the different shades of our lives. Presenting an eclectic mix of lifestyle products ideal for urban youth.

Our work.

  • Developed a campaign with #WhyHideTheWomanInside to inspire women to live their true colors.
  • We humanized the brand by taking interviews of all the models who appeared in the Arcoiris lifestyle shoot.
  • Facebook ad campaigns with visually appealing graphics, concise
    captions and call-to-action.


  • Creating content that generates two-way engagement with your audience.
  • Storification of the content. Stories make people engage with the brand and creates curiosity.
  • We collaborated with various fashion bloggers and asked them to review
    Arcoiris outfits on their blogs and website.
  • Collaborated with influencers on social media.
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