growing india's most loved snacking brand

Haldiram's manufacture & seller of over 400 types of eatery items like Snacks, Indian Sweets, cookies, beverages, papads, pickles & fast food. Haldiram's want to increase their brand presence and sales throughout the indian market.  

Services Implemented

> Content & Creative

> Social Advertising

> Social Media Management

The Challenge

  • Low Monthly Sales
  • High Cost of Advertising
  • Low Brand Visibility

Our Approach

Our main goal is to increase brand awareness and social media engagement for Haldiram's.

By creating engaging social media content which helps to reach out to more people and spread awareness about Haldiram's.

The Solution

  • Highly Engaging Content Creation for Social Media Channels
  • Tracking and analyzing audience behavior and optimizing according to it.

That's why we're so committed to ...

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  • USA
  • UAE
Monthly Advertising Budget
  • Less than $1k
  • $1k - $2k
  • $2k - $5k
  • $5k - $15k
  • More than $15k
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