Busy Moms' Food & Media Personality.

Nibbles by Nic is about building confidence in the kitchen. Nicole is a Mom and a Cooking expert who teaches, inspires and builds confidence in working women. Nibbles by Nic is about helping working women maintain the balance between work and home.

Our Work

  • Developed their social media community of supermoms. Created content which working Moms can relate to in their lives.
  • Quick tips for busy moms to help them organize their household work.
  • Promoted her workshops on social media by designing attractive posts which create curiosity and excitement.
  • Created ‘Nic Says’ posts which convey essential food tips and brand Nibbles By Nic to their target audience.
  • Consulted her for building her personal brand to become a well-known name in among busy moms community in New York, USA.
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